A mighty elven kingdom once ruled over the land of Daglen. They kept the land pure and through warfare and magic kept other races from invading and desecrating what they considered holy ground. In this time a great forest covered the land, broken only by the mountains to the west and the ocean to the east. It was said that Corellon himself had sanctified this land and blessed those who protected it.

The elves, ever watchful for instrusions by outside forces, failed to notice corruption worming its way through elements of their own populace. Secret experiments began taking place, tampering with the laws of nature and magic in an attempt to produce creatures perfected for war. The foul deeds of these betrayers caught the attention of evil gods to whose presence Daglen had previously gone unnoticed. These gods, unsatisfied with the evil works that caught their attention, began to assault Daglen.

Tiamat sent a great black dragon to destroy the northern lands. It killed countless elves and desecrated the north of the forest, turning it into a vast swamp. Orcus sent legions of undead that attacked elven citadels directly from the ground, slowly pushing the elves further into the core of their kingdom. Vecna replicated one of the elves’ foul creations and used hundreds of them to terrorize the skies. Lolth sent the drow to attack the elves from beneath the earth, infiltrating their citadels and wreaking havoc on unarmed citizens.

Against these assaults the elves stood as fimly as they could, but slowly they lost ground. To make matters worse, human kings took advantage of the war to invade as well, attempting to gain a foothold in a region that had once been impregnable.

The elves cried to Corellon for help, but he almost let them perish for the atrocities that had been committed against nature. As their final hours were drawing near, he withdrew the remaining elves to a safe haven he formed in the swirling mists of the Astral Sea. And so the foul beasts, undead, humans, and drow found themselves with free reign over the once untouchable land.

In anger, Corellon cursed the entire region. By beast, nature, and strife, any who entered the land would find themselves driven out. The curse was directed most strongly at the humans, whose folly had not only helped to weaken the elven resistance, and had taken advantage of a situation where they should have granted assistance, but had also contributed to Orcus’ army as those who were slain or died were brought back as undead.

Unaware of the curse, the humans continued trying to establish a presence in the land. Ogres from the west, kobolds, gnolls, and lizardmen from the east, and harpies and ormyrr from the north were a constant threat. Earthquakes, pestilence, famine, drought, and floods struck repeatedly. Magical manifestations of the curse hit as well, from devilsblood rain to the wailing death destroyed entire cities virtually overnight. And Corellon, in cruelty, sometimes allowed people to believe they had made it through the worst, only to strike down their cities himself just as they were beginning to prosper.

Yet Corellon was not without mercy. To all invaders, he always gave warnings of what was to come. Prophets, timely discoveries of cities destroyed before, and even visions sent to common folk were given. With other elves, he also left the prophecy of the return of the elven kingdom. One day, a group of adventurers would fulfill Corellon’s requirements to purify the land once more and prepare it to be returned to the elves. But even in this promise of hope there lies a hint that a soul bent on revenge will jeopardize everything and that his actions could destroy the land and forever doom it to lie in darkness.

Curse of Daglen